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Physical Education

Programmes / Activities for PE

  • ALPS Southern Ridges Hike
    The ALPS Southern Ridges Hike aims to promote camaraderie between our P1 and P2 students and school staff. The trail commences at the entrance of Hort Park and ends at Henderson Waves. Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, our students will learn more about the plants and animals in Singapore along the trail. They also get to have a picnic with their buddies as a reward after the 3 km nature walk.

    ALPS Southern Ridges Hike - 01
    ALPS Southern Ridges Hike - 02
  • Sports Meet
    Athletic meets are held for every level to give students a chance to display the skills taught in their physical education lessons and compete with different classes in a variety of events. There are two basic kinds of events - individual and group. A running race is an example of an individual event. Group events, where students are divided into teams, include obstacle and relay courses.

    At the end of the Sports Meet, prizes are awarded to the winners. Participating in various games and sports develop a feeling of sporting spirit. In sports, the participating candidate may win or lose. The student learns to accept both victories and defeats with grace.

    We conclude with the saying, “Winners win, winners lose, but winners play”.

    Sports Meet - 01
    Sports Meet - 02
    Sports Meet - 03
  • Primary 4 Outdoor Environmental Camp
    Adventure Camp @ ALPS is an overnight school residential camp designed in which students can connect with nature. They will discover a world filled with rich biodiversity as they wander through the mangrove forest of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Important life skills such as communication, cooperation, collaboration, teamwork and leadership are also inculcated in a non-competitive setting through cooperative games.

  • Primary 3 Young Savers Camp
    Life Skills Camp @ ALPS is a day camp to equip students with life skills such as basic CPR and knot-tying. Students walk along the scenic Marina Bay district. As they enjoy the beautiful city view, they will also learn more about the different iconic places of Singapore. At the end of the trail, students will get to enjoy the water play features at the children’s playground at Gardens by the Bay. 

    P3 Young Savers Camp

  • P2 Life Skills Camp
    Life Skills Camp @ ALPS is a day camp to equip students with life skills such as outdoor cooking, organisational skills and basic homemaking skills. Students can look forward to making new friends from other classes as they participate in the different activities.

P2 Life Skills Camp - 01

P2 Life Skills Camp - 02
P2 Life Skills Camp - 03