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Programmes / Activities for Music Programme @ ALPS

  • Recess Busking
    Held once a term, recess busking is an informal avenue where students can showcase their musical talent to their peers. Through such platforms, our student performers will be able to harness their instrumental skills and build confidence through performance. Student audience will also pick up performance etiquette tips and music appreciation during busking.

  • Talent Thursday Assembly
    Selected students from recess busking (as well as from other disciplines) will showcase their musical talents to the school in this newly-initiated platform. The aim of this assembly is to inspire student audience in believing that ‘Everyone has a talent’ and ‘Talent can be cultivated’.

  • Aesthetics Week (Art & Music)
    The annual Aesthetics Week aims to enrich the students’ learning on visual and performing arts from global cultures. With a different theme for each year, students will be entertained by class performances, hands-on booths and music quizzes to deepen their learning.