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Mother Tongue

Overview of Mother Tongue Curriculum 

  • Objective  

      The Mother-Tongue Language Department aims to nurture self-directed and life-long learners who can               communicate effectively in their respective Mother-Tongue Languages, in written and spoken forms,                   and carry on the good practices of their culture and customs.   To achieve this, besides the MOE MTL                   syllabus and Character and Citizenship Education curriculum, the MT Language Department                               develops fun, exciting and engaging programmes to prepare students in attaining proficiency in the 4                   language skills, namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, and achieving a deeper                                   appreciation of our diverse cultures. The MTL teachers seek to create a caring, safe and stimulating                   learning environment for students to think critically, communicate confidently and make connection of                   the cultures associated with MT Languages.

  • Programmes

          (i)    Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme
                   The Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme was introduced to the Primary 3 students in                           2016. The purpose of this programme is to provide students with exposure to the Conversational MT                    languages. Learning another MT language for conversational purposes will help to nurture interaction                    among the ethnic communities and friendships between students, across races and religions.

          (ii)     Mother-Tongue Games Day
                   The MTL Department provides authentic opportunities for students to use their MT languages. 
The MTL teachers aim to arouse the students’ interest in learning their MT languages by                                       planning fun and meaningful activities to help them reinforce the learning of their MT                                               language beyond the classrooms.

Mother-Tongue Games Day
           (iii)      Mother-Tongue Fortnight Programme
                      The MTL Department aims to ignite passion in the students to learn and appreciate their respective                       MT languages and culture by providing opportunities for them to be exposed to traditional art                              forms.

Mother-Tongue Fortnight Programme - Photo 01
Mother-Tongue Fortnight Programme - Photo 021
Mother-Tongue Fortnight Programme - Photo 03

           (iv)      Culture Appreciation Programme
The CL Department strives to enhance the lower primary students' interest in Chinese Language                          and Culture through attendance at cultural performance at public performing arts venues. 
                     For the Primary 3 students, the MTL Department accepts invitation from Hong Wen School to                              participate in the school’s Chinese Cultural Appreciation Programme. This programme allows the                          students to be exposed to the various Chinese art forms such as Chinese Painting, Chinese                                  Calligraphy, Chinese Paper-cutting and Chinese Knots. 

                    The post-programme activity conducted in class allows the students to be reflective and better                              appreciate the MT languages and culture.

          (v)       Culture Festival Celebrations
                    To help students value Singapore’s socio-cultural diversity, and promote social cohesion and                                  harmony, the MTL Department organises interesting and meaningful activities to celebrate Chinese                       New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Mid-Autumn Festival and Deepavali. These activities allow students to                       have a better understanding of the other ethnic races’ culture and tradition and better appreciate t                         he multi-racial and multi-cultural society in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Celebration - Prosperity Toss (Yu Sheng)
Chinese New Year Celebration - Prosperity Toss (Yu Sheng)

Chinese New Year Celebration - Student's Performance
Chinese New Year Celebration - Student's Performance

Deepavali Celebration
Deepavali Celebration

Hari Raya Celebration
Hari Raya Celebration