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Programmes / Activities for Art

Art Programmes @ ALPS feature school-wide art programmes held beyond classrooms.

  • Art@Recess
    Held twice a year, Art@Recess is part of the vibrant school culture that ALPS aim to create for our students. During these half-an-hour programmes, students can choose to participate in hands-on craft activities where their creativity can be showcased.

    Art@Recess - 01
    Art@Recess - 02
  • Art Play
    Art Play is a permanent play area set up within the school compound. Each term featuring an artist’s art work as a stimulus, students are free to respond to the work through their free play with manipulatives, thereby allowing their ideas and imagination to flow in response.

  • Aesthetics Week (Art & Music)
    The annual Aesthetics Week aims to enrich students’ learning in visual and performing arts through exposure to cultures around the world. With a different theme for each year, students will enjoy class performances, hands-on booths and music quizzes that would facilitate their immersion in artful cultural festivities.

Aesthetics Week (Art & Music) - 01
Aesthetics Week (Art & Music) - 02
Aesthetics Week (Art & Music) - 03