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School Facilities

Performance Area 


Performance areas with flexible Band Room, Music Room and Dance Studio - to support the school's delivery of its arts programme and provide platforms for students to express themselves through the arts. It also provides a  mixture of work, learning and fun for the children as they enjoy the performances of their peers.

Dance Studio Music Room Band Room

Science Alive

Science Alive Banner

Science Alive - to promote inquiry learning about the world, and to demonstrate the learning through various forms. Together with the performance area, the exhibit area and the many walls for display of students' works will be some of the platforms through which the school honours the voice of the students by letting them express themselves in the various forms.

Science Garden 01 Science Garden 02

Sports Zone

Sports Zone Banner

Sports zone consisting of ball courts, roof-top field, outdoor play area, and the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) - to promote physical well-being of the students through the various sports and exercises. The outdoor play area built on the roof garden located on the same level as the canteen allows the children to engage in activities that flow from the canteen into the roof garden, creating a sense of spaciousness that will facilitate creative play.

The covered ball courts on the ground level and the ISH means that sports activities can be carried out regardless of the weather.

Basketball Court Synthetic Field

Green Features

Green Features Banner

Green features in and around the school to support development of responsible citizens with an ecological conscience through environmental education - Science rooms and learning terraces are located on the ground level, allowing learning to extend from the classroom into the science gardens, and beyond the school into the Park connector and the ABC water features.

Access is provided from the science learning terrace to the garden and the Park Connector. The green roof, garden terrace, educational green wall, and solar panels with interactive display panel are features that will provide authentic and interactive learning experiences for the children as they explore and learn more about the 
environment and nature.

Green Features - Art Solar Panels

Classroom Clusters

Classroom Clusters Banner

Clusters concept for classroom with project zones and wide spaces outside the classrooms - to facilitate collaboration and community building for each level as activities flow from the classroom into the common spaces. Project zones on every floor of the classroom clusters will facilitate collaborative, interactive and authentic learning across classes in the same level as well as across the different levels.

The connection across the different floors through the void encourages student interaction across levels as they become curious about what their peers are learning and doing.

Classrooms Computer Laboratory