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The school will build in the children an excellent foundation in literacy and numeracy. In addition, the programme will go beyond this to equip students with the necessary skills to be future-ready and to engage the world while remaining rooted to Singapore.

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Good Character Love for Learning Openness towards World-Readiness


In the spirit of Design Thinking, which will be a key pedagogy of the school, the child will be involved in the design of the learning process in this child-centric curriculum. The focus will be on processes and skills for the 21st century, in particular communication and teamwork, collaboration, creative problem-solving, cultural intelligence, critical thinking, and design thinking. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Environmental Education will be the school-based curriculum. CQ will develop in our students: the capability, sensitivity and behavioural flexibility to be effective in cross-cultural interactions. In Environmental Education, students will learn about the natural world and understand that everyone must assume responsibility for ensuring the sustainability of the earth's resources for future generations. We will teach our children to adopt a designer's mindset in understanding the world and approaching real world problems. They will learn to be observant, to understand the needs and views of different groups of people and to be creative as they explore new solutions. Technology will be a key enabler in this learning process.

In addition, we will leverage on the infrastructure and financial resources provided by MOE to nurture the aesthetics and physical domains of each child through the integration of the arts into the various subjects, as well as through Programme for Active Learning (PAL), PE and CCA.